Authentic Original Deck Shoes since 1935

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Sperry Topsider Shoes have been an American favourite since 1935 when Paul Sperry, inspired by his dog Prince¹s ability to run nimbly over ice and snow, used a pen knife to cut sipping into the outsole of a rubber sneaker. This ingenuity, along with the iconic inspiration of other design details, launched an American Original. 

From the beginning Sperry have been obsessed with quality, there footwear is build for a purpose, this obviously for Marine wear as the soles of the shoes are designed to offer great traction to the deck of a boat. Although Sperry Shoes originally made for a purpose Deck Shoes soon became popular as a fashion shoe and Sperry were one of the coolest brands to be seen in.

Deck Shoes are again fashionable footwear and Sperry are on the feet of any stylish dressers. 

Everyone has favourites in their closet; a pair of selvage denim jeans, a vintage tracksuit top or that timeless classic jacket. They convey a sense of style that is always relevant and make us feel relaxed and comfortable. Confident in ourselves, the choices we make and the lifestyle we lead. Sperry Deck Shoes are now a staple favourite in all worlds of deck shoes whether it be fashion or performance.