Rugged outdoor wear from Massachusetts.
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Penfield have been making Clothing since 1975 when they were established in Hudson, Massachusetts. Originally set out to create clothing to stand up to the climate in New England so the jackets had to be designed to keep in warmth in even the coldest weather.

Having been worn by people in the outdoors in the USA for many years Penfield found its way across to the UK and other parts of Europe and soon became popular with those who wanted a great design jacket with fashion, function, practicality and durability in mind. 

Over the years Penfield have made Down Jacket, Fleece Jackets and Outer Shell Jackets to name just a few styles and even became popular with celebrities in the 90’s with both Oasis brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher wearing their jackets. 

Now over 35 years after Penfield was established it has launched itself to the top of the clothing industry and is in many premium stores across the UK. The products are still made with the great design, detail and quality but now the range has grown and includes a vast amount of products including Shirts, Jumpers, T Shirts, Hats, Bags and many other items of clothing and accessories as well as obviously Jackets.