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John Miler and brothers started making The Original G9 Baracuta Jacket at Chorlton Street in Manchester in 1937. It is the world’s first ever Harrington Jacket. Over the years Baracuta has been described as the ‘best rainwear ever’. 

Elvis Presly wore Baracuta in the film – Kid Creole, Steve McQueen appeared on the front of GQ magazine in 1963 wearing a Baracuta G9 jacket.

In the sixties not only was the Baracuta Jacket worn by cool Americans and British mods, it was seen on Frank Sinatra. 1964-69 Ryan O’Neal played the Rodney Harrington and wore the Baracuta G9 Jacket and this is where the phrase Harrington was born. 

Baracuta made rainco ts for the 1966 World Cup winning England Team, Sir Alf Ramsey wore a Burgundy Baracuta G9 Jacket and again in 1970 the England team wore Baracuta for the World Cup in Mexico, the same year Arnold Palmer launched his golf collection with the jackets made by Baracuta.

Twice in the seventies saw factory development and expansion costing almost three quarters of a million pounds.

In 1981 The Clash wore a customised Baracuta G9 Jackets in Times Square concerts. Harrington jackets have always been favoured by British punks and Mod & Ska revivalists.

In 2005 BMB relaunched the Baracuta G9 collection in Berlin – with the brand now in the best retailers in the UK. In this very year Thierry Henry wore the Baracuta G9 Jacket in new Renault ad and in 2006 saw Preston from the Ordinary Boys enter the Celebrity Big Brother house wearing the classic Baracuta G9 jacket and Pete Doherty amongst many other modern day icons can be seen out in the now must have jacket.