Japanese sports shoe technology.
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Asics is a Japanese Sports brand with years of History and was founded in 1949 then known as Onitsuka making Basketball shoes. A year later the company became known as Onitsuka Tiger which in modern day has become a Heritage brand from Asics.

It wasn’t until 1977 that the brand actually became Asics and performance sports shoes were being made, Derek Clayton broke the marathon World Record of 2 hours 10 minutes in a pair of Asics trainers.

As the years went on Asics continued to produce performance shoes with technology and in the mid 80s Asics Gel was born which was a cushioning system which absorbed shock by dissipating vertical impact and dispersing it into a horizontal plane. The Gel system revolutionized the sports shoe industry and is still used today.

The 90s saw more technology and new shoes from Asics and they were now seen as a ‘Heavyweight’ in the sports world and could compete with the big boys.

Sadly Mr Onitsuka passed away in 2007 but the Asics brand goes from strength to strength as many of its classic running silhouettes including Gel Lyte, Kayano and Respector are now favoured by the cool kids and trendies.